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Welcome to Detective Conan RPG: Rules and Guidelines Empty Welcome to Detective Conan RPG: Rules and Guidelines

Post  Koizumi Akako on Tue Sep 27, 2011 8:20 pm

Welcome to Detective Conan RPG! This site is to role-play for Detective Conan. I am Chelseaj500/Akakata from DCW if any of you didn't know. This site is for role-playing in Detective Conan.

Explanations: When you role-play a character, you MUST change your username to the character's name. Then choose an avatar of your character.

BEFORE changing your username to the character, you MUST PM me and tell me what character you want to be and why. If I'm satisfied, then I'll give you the "OK" and you can go ahead and do it. (Don't worry, I'm pretty easy-going. XD)

Also, once you change your username, please go edit your profile to your character's information. Such as their birthday, humor, location, hobbies, etc. Make it something that has to do with the character. It can be humorous though. (Like I said, I'm not strict.) If you don't know some of that information, don't worry about it and leave it blank.

Once your username is a character's name, you can join the Chatroom and start role-playing. The Chatroom is where all the role-playing takes place. When you get into the Chatroom, click 'Log In' and you'll join the chat. To role-play, you just talk normally and IN CHARACTER. If you want to talk as YOU and NOT your character, write in parentheses.

Example: (Hey!! What's up? Very Happy)

Like that. I'm talking as me and not my character. This is talking as my character:

Example: Hello, Kuroba.

Something like that.

When you role-play, it needs to be in character and the interactions need to be with your character too. However, you can do pretty much anything. You could be your characters talking, etc. You can even ship certain pairings you want. Wink

Also, it does NOT matter what gender you are. You can role-play ANY character you want.

And, if you get sick of your character and want to change, please PM me and let me know that you are switching. That is allowed.

If you have any other questions, PM me and ask. I'm a bit busy at the moment and I'll come back to this later.

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